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  1. Every time I've tried to enter a jam I've failed to find anyone to work with 🙁

    If anyone's looking for a team member, I've got a year of experience in Unity and C#, primarily 2D 😭

  2. I'm going to partake in Ludum Dare this year for practicing on my python learning. 😀 So this year hopefully I'll get a simply made game out. Be ready for me Mark. 🙂

  3. Man, I am really hoping I will be able to participate this year. I've seen some of the videos of the top picks from the previous year and I would love to try my hand at it. And if not, I can at least try out a bunch of the games

  4. Such a shame that I have absolutely no programming or design skills to participate… except maybe having a couple of weird ideas and writing. But judging the games will be fun regardless!

  5. damn i really want to make a game for the Jam and try something (hopefully) unique, like make the entire game run natively on the C64 or NES for example, and simply include an emulator for people to play it on their modern machine, but also include the raw Binary file so people with the original computer/console can also play it on said hardware
    but i'm just not good at finishing projects, especially ones with a strict time limit… so i hope someone else is gonna be able to do something with this retro-based game idea

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