'Plague of Medriaas' Gameplay Teaser

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This game has been in the works for some time now, I’m releasing this and using all my Patreon proceeds to get this game made, as well as the fan movie it’s based on.

Featuring music by Turkman Souljah.
Art by Aaron Tsai & Luis Zuno.
Written, programmed & directed by Yusi D. Jordan.



30 bình luận trong “'Plague of Medriaas' Gameplay Teaser

  1. Jedi Fallen Order represented what SW gamers have wanted for a long, long time. No gimmicks, no twisting, just a solid Jedi experience. Regardless of quantity, I'm certain this will be JFO quality.
    Kinda get Vanillaware vibes from it, they made some great side-scrollers. Your vision seems like a SW game done by them.

  2. Oh my goodness!! I screamed when I saw this, thought it was for the movie, but a game?? That's so cool! Can't wait to play it! After SWTOR, it would be so cool to play as Tenebrae 😀
    Which platforms will the game release on, and when?
    Edit: saw that it's PC exclusive, nice 🙂

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