Random PS Vita Games To Talk About

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Today’s March 2021 Playstation Vita News Update Review – Just a random list of games I wanted to show you all.

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Games mentioned:
Sayonara Umihara Kawase
Pix The Cat
Summon Night 6

Disclaimer: Certain games mentioned on this channel may also be available for PS4, PS5, Steam, XBOX, 3DS Handheld and Nintendo Switch.


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  1. in west philadelphia born and raised on the vita is where I spent most of days. Ran out of support form sony and I am not lieing then herd James at 2am say " come on to vita island" So I opened up youtube and sat in my chair and said "wow these limit run games all look pretty rare" … yeah I have no idea where I am going with this

  2. I was one of the Kickstarters for the Summon Night 6 game. I followed the entire process up until my (expensive) limited edition Vita version was delivered to my door step BUT I have yet to play. I'm dying to play but I have others to complete first. Btw, I'd like to see more similar vids, very good! Viva la Vita! Shout outs to Gaijin Works formerly known as Working Designs!

  3. PERSONA 4 G (game gets better after you beat it over and over still… Unlocking new game content. Acting like a jackass when your all maxed out to characters and npcs )
    TRAILS OF COLD STEEL 1/2 (worth the grind just like persona in alot of ways)
    KILLZONE MERCENARY (taste of good fps)
    GRAVITY RUSH (very addicting story and gameplay)
    FINAL FANTASY X/X2 ( ff on the go!)
    UNCHARTED (it's a full uncharted game mobile)
    EDF (insects should never be that large)
    UNIT 13 (pretty cool 3rd person stealth/strategy shooter)
    DANGANRONPA 1/2/3/SPIN OFFS ( other games like this on Vita but this one excells in it's plot twist and thriller type gameplay and story elements
    FRUITS OF GRISAI SAGA(this visual novel is dark but a great series that I'm maybe going to view sometime again.
    AKIBAS TRIP (fun game where the otakus are the heroes lol)
    WAY OF THE SAMURAI PORT(fun nights with google translate getting to play this japanese only gem)
    WIPEOUT 2048(good racing game for vita
    CATHERINE ( yes this released to the vita and it's almost a glimpse of what persona 5 could've been. I could keep going but I'm not going to it wouldn't stop lol. The point is I am just waiting to get a vita again. There's a chance I may get to get both a vita and a vita tv together we will see. Either that or I save for a mid range gaming laptop and wait for persona 5 on pc so I can play all 5

  4. I can't speak to Summon Night 6, but Summon Night 5 (for the PSP, and available as a digital download on Vita) is FANTASTIC. Some of the best music and writing I have ever experienced in an RPG, and I love the creative concept. Essentially, the early "Summon Night" games were like Persona or Pokemon where "trainers" commanded sentient "monsters". Fast-forward a thousand years, and they're equal partners with equal rights under the law in a society that looks out for both.

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