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  1. I liked a Jaeger change I heard from somewhere, I forget where but it was a weapon swap with Castle to get his UMP45 since Jaeger's gadget is strong. Totally has nothing to do with me being a Castle main kek

  2. I think they should let people play who they want to play rather than force people to play other ops bc the one they like is nerfed until they are useless or no longer fun to play

  3. Jager rework idea: attach the trophy system to jäger and keep the 10seconds cooldown and remove the idea of deploying them instantly. Now, this could potentially make jager just another doc whereas if you die your team loses that ads, or this could make him a solid roamer/anchor hybrid. I know this could make warden completely useless but from my point of view this would definately reduce his pickrate by at least 40%.

  4. That monty rework sounds dumb. More negatives than positive. When u put ya shield on your back (makin it a secondary)make him a 2 speed. With a mpx. When ya shield is extended ricochet bullets back at enemy but Monty can't strafe. Giving enemy a chance to run behind him and get the kill if enemy is quick enough. He can't be bullrushed either. 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

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